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The idea which governed the development of this site was to establish contacts with other Badel families around the world with an aim of making knowledge on the one hand, and of exchanging information in family matter on the other hand, like, why not, try to reconstitute a family tree and find roots common to our families.

What can offer this server to the families? First of all of the disk space to publish photographs, pages of information on subjects which hold you with heart, your hobbies, possibly short vidéos, your works if you have artistic talents, etc. A calendar of the touching significant events our families could also be created, as well as a pink notebook of the births and marriages. Lastly, a certain number of E-Mail addresses are available in the site of Badel.org and can be allocated to the various Badel families members.  

One can also imagine forums of discussions which could enable us to bind knowledge or the realization of pages deprived to place at the disposal of the documents (photographs of families or others) only with certain users, like other members of the family.

Lastly, this site will become also what each one will bring there and all the ideas or suggestions are the welcomes.

Why to have chosen Badel.org? While thinking of the creation of this site, I sought a domain name of first level which would be easily discovered by the search engines in the forest of Internet names. Badel.com would have well been appropriate but was to be sold (put minimum 1500 $!, much too expensive for a noncommercial site). Badel.net, which would have been the logical name, being already occupied, it remained more available only Badel.org. The domain suffixes org are theoretically reserved for organizations with not-lucrative goal, which is the case, it seemed to me that this name could correspond to my project.

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